Skanetrafiken Jojo card

Version: v.2.6
Country: Sweden
Author: valeravi
Installs: 25
Rating: 9 / 89
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Provider Skanetrafiken Jojo card is used to show information from your personal account at Skanetrafiken Jojo card in mobile application AnyBalance. You can use AnyBalance to get balance of your card/account/phone, rest of traffic/minutes/sms and other information from any personal accounts at one place!

Retrieves the balance and other info of the Skånetrafiken Jojo transport card.

Available information (indicators/counters)

Balance, Card expires at, Paid till, Card number, Number of zones, Available now, To download, Card expire state, Paid from, Card expires in, List of zones, Currency

Update history

Версия 2.6 от 09.11.2016:
- Fixed the problems with updating the card balance due to change of the address of skanetrafiken web page.
- Correct balance calculation including the not downloaded amount.
- Fixed reading the amount to download and currently available amount.
- Fixes for periodkort: fixed reading period validity and valid zones number.
- Parse card type and number from web page.
- Read list of zones for periodkort.

Версия 2.5 от 31.07.2015:
- Support of the site changes.

Версия 2.4 от 29.12.2013:
- Supported new website design at
NOTE!!! Authentification method was changed!!! So, after updating this provider, go to each account settings and enter number and CVC of card instead of login and password!!!

Версия 1.3 от 10.11.2013:
- Minor changes.

Версия 1.2 от 10.11.2013:
- Support for reading of Jojo card expiration information (you need to exchange the card in Skånetrafiken office to be able use the funds on card after expiration date).
- Support for reading currency name.