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Provider BalticMiles is used to show information from your personal account at BalticMiles in mobile application AnyBalance. You can use AnyBalance to get balance of your card/account/phone, rest of traffic/minutes/sms and other information from any personal accounts at one place!

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Reading the information from BalticMiles account (

BalticMiles is the largest multi-partner loyalty programme in the Baltic states with more than 200 Point-issuing partners. It was launched in October 2009. BalticMiles Points can be earned at over 19 650 places throughout the world.

Members can earn Points for flights, hotel accommodation, car rentals, restaurants, beauty and spa treatments, health care, telecommunications, financial services, as well as while shopping at over 1000 international online merchants through the online affiliate program. Points earned can be exchanged for flight tickets, leisure and adventure activities, music downloads, and products from the BalticMiles online shop.

SIA ‘Baltic Miles’ is a separate limited liability company that is fully owned by ‘Air Baltic Corporation’ (airBaltic) with its headquarters at Riga International Airport, Latvia.

Available information (indicators/counters)

My points, Will expire, Card number, Name, Status points, Will expire in current month, Current expiration month, Will expire in next month, Next expiration month, Expiration information last updated

Update history

Версия 1.6 от 31.07.2015:
- was shut down. Use instead. Not possible to create provider for as it uses reCAPTCHA...

Версия 1.5 от 17.09.2013:
- Minor fixes 3

Версия 1.4 от 17.09.2013:
- Minor fixes 2

Версия 1.3 от 16.09.2013:
- Minor fixes

Версия 1.2 от 13.09.2013:
- Fix for parsing of points expiration information.