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If you can not find your provider in the catalog - it is not a problem. In most cases it can be added.

How do I know if it is possible to add my personal account balance?
If logging into your personal account site does not require one time passwords, sms passwords then there is high probability that your provider can be added to the catalog.

I am not a programmer, can you add provider for me?
In most cases, yes, but I will need an access to your personal account site for a development time. I need to log into your personal account to see how balances are represented there, how does one need to communicate to personal account site to parse these balances. Of course, I change nothing in personal accounts I explore. After provider creation you can change your password for your personal account site.

If you are eager to grant me an access to your personal account to create a provider then send me a login, a password, name and url address for your personal account site. For example,

Please add the provider TambovGSM, personal account site, login 234123, password s985w23jf

I will try to add it as soon as possible. I will notify you at once when the provider is ready.

I do not want to give out my login and password, but I really need a provider
It is your right. You can create provider by yourself. Detailed documentation is here (in Russian). You can ask your friend you trust to make a provider for you. You also can just wait. May be somebody else would grant a temporary access to his personal account site and I can make a provider for it. Remember however that a provider made especially for your credentials will fit your tariff plan perfectly.

My provider is presented in catalog but it fails to show some of the counters!
It is not often possible to create a provider that would take into account entire diversity of tariff plans and options. If any of the counters is not shown then first of all make sure they are shown on the personal account site (if you log into it via browser). If all counters are present and AnyBalance fails to show them, please send me the name of provider, login and password for personal account site, and describe the essence of the problem. I will check and make it work. If you do not want to give out your credentials and have a programming skill you can propose a patch yourself.