Version: v.3
Country: Russia
Author: Dmitry Kochin
Installs: 47
Rating: 11 / 78
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Provider WorldGMN is used to show information from your personal account at WorldGMN in mobile application AnyBalance. You can use AnyBalance to get balance of your card/account/phone, rest of traffic/minutes/sms and other information from any personal accounts at one place!

Получает различные показатели партнера программы WorldGMN (

Информация берется из личного кабинета

Available information (indicators/counters)

Balance, Plan expiry, Your status, Wallet, Gold, Total ADV views balance, Left team earning, Right team earning, AdKash bonus, AdKash status

Update history

Версия 3 от 16.06.2013:
- Исправлен счетчик Wallet, добавлен Total Adv views balance

Версия 2 от 29.01.2013:
- Исправлено получение баланса